Luminous Optimus 1600VA/24V

Luminous Optimus: A Digital Inverter which brings the modern outlook to your home & Office. It comes with a Digital display, Powerful Battery charger & Advance Sine wave technology which makes it a ideal inverter for your household/commercial needs.
• Pure Sine Wave Inverter
• Capacity : 1600VA /24V
• Rated Power : 1250 W
• Supports 2 unit of 12V lead acid battery. To be purchased separately.
• Advanced LCD display shows Inverter battery performance statistics
• User selectable output voltage (200V-240V) and charging current (8A-21A) for optimized performance
• Low voltage battery charging begins from 95V and fast charging from 135V input supply
• Mains By pass switch for supplying output directly from grid in case of a fault in Inverter
• Supports all Battery types (Flat, Tubular and SMF) and all battery capacities (80Ah-220Ah).

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